Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What To Say

Aku tadak idea..jadi aku wat lagu...

going to town
bought bicycle
middle of day
middle hot

what to do
cutting rubber
what you want to say
if can want to be school teacher at kuala pilah

paddy field bigger
many buffalo
well water
is very cool

very silent no people
what you want to say
if can want to make noisy
like town tampin

cooking rice
rice village
cooking lemak
fire chilli

machine rice not yet had
what you want to say
many people working at factory
at pekan seremban..



yaya|azura said...

aku sukeeeeeeee!!!!
clap clap clap!

Mem Aluya said...

Hahahaha... pandai jugak Mat Salleh nyanyi lagu oghang Rombau...